What’s in a name?

We all know that your name leaves a lasting impact to anyoneΒ you meet. The same thing goesΒ with your “internet name”.

Hence, a lot of people asked me and keep on asking me: WHY LOOKINGFORABURA?

Let me tell you a simple story…

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For the longest time, I’ve been usingΒ ‘superabura‘Β as my moniker.

ABURA is pretty much my “nickname” to all my family and friends. And well, I’m feeling super! Haha πŸ™‚

Then last 2011, I read a novel calledΒ ‘Looking for Alaska’ byΒ John Green.Β I read it at a time where the main character, Alaska Young, spoke to me personally. It was when I was also ‘looking’Β for myself. That book touched me in a very personal level that it became one of my favorite books of all time!Β (It is my most re-read book! Yes, more than ‘Harry Potter’, so that’s basically 5 times! I’m indirectly telling you to read it, okay?)

And so it gave birth to my username: lookingforabura


As years passed by, the name got so attached to me or vice versa.Β Not that I’m still in my Alaska-Young-phase but I unconsciously gave it a new meaning…

Before, it was me “looking” for myself… I may not fully found “her” yet but you see, I am a very curious person. I love to ask stuff and do things! And so, I feel like I am always “looking” for things to discover.

“Abura” is “looking for”Β THE great perhaps. IΒ believe that there is more out there!

There are more things to see.

There are more books to read.

There are more food to eat.

There are more places to go.

There are more to life than what is in front of us!

The quest is never ending.

And so, I set my foot outside, looking.