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Book Talk: Top 12 Women in Fiction You Want to be Friends With

Look how lucky we are to be alive right now! Specially if you’re a woman. See, I am a feminist but it doesn’t mean I’m being sexist here; I just want to clarify things. 😉

That being said, I feel empowered and very proud to be called a woman. There are numerous personalities who are standing up and letting their voices be heard because IT’S TIME for the world to see that we, women, are capable of doing things that men can do; that we deserve the fair and equal rights that they have. I’m being political here but I guess it’s in my nature to be sensitive about the social issues and I think you should, too.

But anyway, that’s my intro because today I will featuring the iconic women in the world of literature…the ones I read, of course. The strong women that made me proud; the beautiful and sassy women who I adore; the intelligent and smart women I admire. The women I call ‘friends’ because they are, in a way, people who inspire me.

Fiction or not, these are the type of friends you wish you had…

  • Hermione Granger from the Harry Potter Series
    • The Bright Child. She’s the kind of friend that people want to be with during review sessions and exams. She’s witty and intelligent. Sometimes she’s annoying but always persistent in doing what’s right. But aside from that, she is a loyal friend and will never let you down. She could break the rules just to save you.
  • Alaska Young from Looking for Alaska
    • The Nomad. Yeah sure, people judge her by what she represents – a teenager who’s doesn’t conform and would rather be the clever girl who loves to read and stay from the norm. We all need that friend who will keep us grounded.
  • Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games Trilogy
    • The Survivor. Katniss knows what to do in ANY situation. She’s hard-headed, yes. But she knows nothing but to love and protect those she love. Of course, some from the clique has been through a lot! And she knows how to survive all the struggles that life has been giving her. Just in case the world falls apart, don’t stay away from her! You’ll live a lot longer when you’re with her.
  • Lettie Hempstock from The Ocean at the End of the Lane
    • The Fairy Godmother. She knows how to magically take care of people she cares about. She’s this secretive friend and you know nothing about her except the ones she wanted you to know BUT make no mistake, she knows the game. If you are in danger, just call her name and she’ll be there!
  • Liesel Meminger from The Book Thief
    • The Clever Thief. Okay, stealing is bad BUT Liesel steals for a reason. She understands that there is great power in words so she steals books to read. She knows what is important and what is not and she craves for knowledge. And I, personally, would be friends with someone who would do anything to learn. We could like, review and read together!
  • Alice Pleasance Liddell in Alice’s Adventured in Wonderland
    • The Curious One. It is always fun to discover things and Alice is the perfect example that ‘adventure is out there’! I’d like to go with her and unleash my imagination. We could have fun and I would want it last forever! However, you know what they say about curiosity…
  • Celia Bowen from The Night Circus
    • The Illusionist. A good trick goes a long way! But it’s not the only reason why I like Celia. I want to be friends with here because she also knows what true love is. Despite the obstacles between her and the love of her life, she finds numerous ways for their love to succeed. She is passionate and driven to do things in the name of love – in a very powerful and not martyr kind of way. I need to get some pieces of advice from her!
  • Lousia Clark from Me Before You
    • The Bubbly Friend. High-spirited, fun and ever supportive Lou is the kind of person you want to be with specially at times that you feel so depressed. Everyone loves to be surrounded by positive people and I’ll choose Lou all the time! Bonus: her sense of fashion style is commendable!
  • Alina Starkov from The Grisha Trilogy
    • The Secret Weapon. Make no mistake, Alina is the underdog but we all know that those we see as weaklings in the beginning always gets the victory in the end. As an orphan, no one believes that Alina could do great things. Little do they know, she is destined to be the savior of man-kind. Well, if you ask me, she’s the kind of friend that you want stick with for a long, long time. She will protect you and will always understand where you’re coming from.
  • June Iparis from Legend Trilogy
    • The Brave Soul. June, coming from a military background, knows all-things-brave. She protects the people she loves, she knows HOW to exactly do it and she never backs down. Girl, I want to be in her squad!
  • Aelin Ashryver Galathynius a.k.a Celaena Sardothien from The Throne of Glass Series
    • The Badass. YOU DON’T WANT TO MESS WITH HER. She knows how to fight, she is powerful but she will always have a soft side. That’s why I like her; she went through a lot of hardships but she remains strong and compassionate.
  • Miss Jane Marple from Miss Marple Series
    • The Wise One. Well, last but not the least is my favorite woman detective, Miss Marple. She’s a natural. She knows what the buzz is all about and she will not hesitate to help. She has the experience and the advantage and the wise words to tell you so yes I want to be her friend!


Those are just the top 12 women I can think of right now but I’m sure that there are more! I love each one of them and what they represent. I hope that they exist in real life but I guess they do; they exist in the lives of all women around the world, and who knows, they are inside you as well. You just need to unleash your girl power! 😉

How about you? Who are your favorite women in literature?









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  • Reply
    Clara Cheng
    July 16, 2016 at 5:02 pm

    Hermione Granger, Celaena Sardothien and Katniss Everdeen, yes! I adore them all <3 And Abeer, I love your new blog!

    • Reply
      July 16, 2016 at 6:28 pm

      They are like the trio in a squad! hahahaha 🙂 Who are your other faves?

      And thank you, Clara! Appreciate it a lot. 🙂

  • Reply
    July 19, 2016 at 6:08 pm

    Great list, sis. Arya Stark and Delilah Bard (A Darker Shade of Magic) are on my list.

    • Reply
      July 19, 2016 at 7:07 pm

      Thanks, sis!

      Ohhh yes, I love them too! Do you like Dany, tho? Hehehhe

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