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May 9, 2018

There’s a lot to say when someone mentions Tbilisi, Georgia. There are those who will gush about how beautiful the city is with its historic backgrounds. The picturesque balconies and streets. The delicious food and the unlimited choices of wine. The scenic spots where tourists and locals meet. The flea market where you can get the cheapest analog cameras and vinyl records. The hospitable people who will welcome you as a friend.

There are the clueless ones who don’t know where on earth Tbilisi is. Well, here’s for you: Tbilisi is the capital city of the Republic of Georgia. Georgia was formerly a part of the Soviet Union that lies in the intersection of Europe and Asia. Since its independence, it has developed as a country that embraces the old and the new without comprising their rich culture. And just a tip: It’s high-time that you pay a visit as it was named by Lonely Planet  as one among the top 10 best destinations for 2018.

Having visited its neighboring country, Armenia, I already set my expectations for  this trip. I’m a lover of all-things-vintage so I was pretty sure I’ll have a good time and I wasn’t wrong. In fact, going to Georgia with my husband for our anniversary was one of the most memorable trips ever! (my first snow experience and all that but that’s for another post)

In Tbilisi alone, it was already surreal. Walking around the streets made me feel like I could be a part of their lifestyle. I saw myself in a cafe along the old neighborhood, drinking a cup of freshly brewed coffee (or a glass of wine), whilst devouring a book and a classic love-song is playing on the turntable – the very definition of a perfect day. I guess the city charmed me in a way that whenever I think about it, I feel a rush of nostalgia.

But if my words aren’t enough for you to make up your mind and pack your things to visit this charming city, I hope my photographs would do the part.

Note: these photos were taken last January.
I know it took some time but still… I’ll 
be dividing my Georgia trip in two parts. Here’s Part 1.

Thank you, Tbilisi. ‘Til we meet again.



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