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Singapore Delight Part II: Explore the City On A Budget

Traveling, as they say, is costly. Yet again, happiness is priceless. However, as a young professional with no trust fund or whatsoever, I need to always check my bank account and make sure that I am happy without being broke.

So when I packed up for my Singapore trip, I had one thing in mind: Make this trip memorable without spending too much.

I had to limit my budget to 1,500 DHS or approximately SG $500 (SG $1 = 2.90 AED) as my pocket allowance. This, suffice to say, is an average amount to bring when all your hotel bookings and tours were already made prior to your visit.

Let me try to give you some tips on how to enjoy your stay in Singapore in the best and cheapest way possible!

Singapore in a beautiful day!

Singapore in a beautiful day!

So… First things first…

*I’ll give the prices in Singaporean dollar currrency*


Gosh! You need to Snapchat and Insta-stories everythiiing! So in this “millennial” era, we always need a handy data package installed in our beloved mobile devices!

Upon arrival, I highly recommend that you better buy a local sim-card with internet plan. It costs SG $30 for 10 days and SG $15 for 5 days. It is cheaper than activating your roaming number/data plan! Win-win situation.


Now, we all know for a fact that Singapore has a lot to offer. However, this country is pretty small compared to its neighbors, that’s why it is easy to navigate the place.  So when traveling, please take the metro/train; cheaper than taxi and yet super faaast unlike our Dubai metro. lol. It connects you to all parts of the country.

You can take the bus as well but as a tourist, I guess it’s way easier when you use the train. 🙂


Ha! Surprise, surprise! I will always look for food wherever I go! And Singaporeans LOVE to eat!!! There are hundreds of Hawker’s Centers (a place with different food stalls)  there that are always open to give you some local delicacies. The prices are really cheaper than those high-end restaurants that offer the same food!

$2.00 – Ramen $3.00 – Pork Chop $2.00 – Choy Sum

$2.00 - Fresh Coconut Juice

$2.00 – Fresh Coconut Juice

And of course, I must try the $1 refreshment: Iced Cold Milo! This is found everywhere since it’s a local drink! Hehehe you can never go wrong with it!

$1.00 - Iced Milo

$1.00 – Iced Milo

The most famous chili crab is a MUST TRY!!! It is not pricey with the taste that you’ll get! There are also a lot of small food chains that sell chili crabs but if you want to eat it with a view, head over to Makansutra.

$14.00 - Chili Crab at Makansutra

$14.00 – Chili Crab at Makansutra

Well, I searched for this! Matchaaaaaa!!!! Hello! A trip to SG is not complete without ever trying anything-Matcha! Haha. I had to try different matcha ice creams but this one located at Clark Quay is my favorite!

$4.00 - Match Ice Cream

$4.00 – Matcha Ice Cream

Clark Quay

If  you want to add a little bit of night life to your trip, this is where you should go. But it doesn’t mean that you should spend it on drinks, you can spend nothing and still have a relaxing evening watching this view….

China Town

I think the most authentic place here is China Town. I mean, here, you’ll find everything!!!  From souvenir items to good refreshments and old temples – where you can visit for free!


If you check my veins, you can see coffee running through it. When I found out that coffee shops in SG are everywhere, I was ecstatic! But in the main city, the commercialized ones are taking over. Good thing there is a place where a peaceful afternoon can be spent over a cuppa.

I found some hidden gems and countless cafes at TIONG BAHRU – where you will see  the oldest streets in Singapore as well. Prices can range from $3.00 – $7.00 only. (good enough!!!)

  • Tiong Bahru Bakery – the first coffee shop around this corner
Tiong Bahru Bakery

Tiong Bahru Bakery

Go for the classic flat white!

Go for the classic flat white! $3.00

  • Plain Vanilla Bakery – they have the best cupcakes evaaaaah!
Plain Vanilla Bakery

Plain Vanilla Bakery

Hot choco to save the day!

Hot choco to save the day! $4.00

$3.00 - Red velvet cupcake!

$3.00 – Red velvet cupcake!

  • Forty Hands – it’s rather a small place but they do make a good espresso!
Forty Hands

Forty Hands

  • Orange Thimble – lavander chai and gelato? Yes, please!

$3.00 – Chai $4.00 – Gelato

These are just some of the cafes in the area but trust me, I have to come back for more discoveries!

Bonus: Book shops!

Ha! I even found a book-vending machine at Books Actually. Though a mystery book costs around $18-$20, this once in a lifetime experience is worth it! (At least for a bookworm like me. lol)

Libray at Ochard

Of course this is my kind of heaven. You can go and browse and borrow books – all for free!


So there you have it! Easy breezy and really cheap ways to enjoy your stay in Singapore.

I survived my 5 days with AED 1,500 and I even bought souvenir items and FOOD to bring home!

Remember that money can’t buy happiness so when you don’t have enough budget, don’t fret; there are million ways to have the time of your life without making yourself broke.

Enjoy the little things; they are more meaningful than any glitz and bling. 😉

Travel the world, one step at a time.

I love this country! And I will go back again for sure! Thank you for a memorable stay, Singapore! And thanks again and again to Musafir and Your Singapore Arabia for this once in a lifetime opportunity. I will enver forget this for as long as I live. <3 And I will always choose Musafir for my next travels! I hope you do, too. 😉








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