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Revitalize The Body with Kold Press Juice Kompany

A healthy mind needs a healthy body for one cannot function well without the other.

But how do we cleanse the body?

For a long time now, we always hear about the term “detox” like it’s a word only used by fitness buffs, which actually means:  a physiological or medicinal removal of toxic substances from a living organism, including the human body, which is mainly carried out by the liver.

I, for one, feared the word until recently I discovered that it wasn’t scary as I expected it to be because a few weeks ago, I tried detoxification. I never knew what I’m getting myself into but I felt like it was the best at that time since I felt like my body was trying to betray me. In the past days before my detox, my body felt so tired all time. My tummy was bloated after eating. I tried losing weight but I didn’t get good results. (Well, sometimes I blame my laziness.)

That’s when I fully decided that I had to cleanse and wash out whatever toxic substances that I have…

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I teamed up with Kold Press Juice Kompany, a booming juicery here in Dubai, which offers a wide range of natural pressed juices that will suit your needs. To simply put it, let me use their words,

Nature is amazing and we want to preserve it as much as possible when crafting our menus, which is why we choose to use a hydraulic cold press juicer. We use a state of the art slow-hydraulic press from California to sloooowly press as many vital nutrients from our produce as possible. This system does not produce or use heat in the extraction process or allow high volumes of oxidation. Thus, we are able to retain up to 5x the nutrients, vitamins and enzymes of a usual store-bought juice. This fine system gives true justice to the fresh ingredients used in all our recipes.” – Kold Press Juice Kompany

Aside from their procedure they have and the natural ingredients they use, one good thing about Kold Press Juice Kompany is that they TALK to you. They get to know you and your needs. You just don’t go out of your way to order and simply have the “juice” that you want. No. It has to be the juice that you NEED.

I’m here to tell you my 3-day journey with Kold Press Juice Kompany.

First of all, I have to explain that my 3-day detox only include JUICE and water.

Yes, no solid food of any form.

Sounds easy? It’s not.

So I was interviewed by Ms. Cristal, she assessed me and my physiological state. To be honest, it’s quite refreshing to have someone to talk to about these things. Plus, she’s super nice so that made it all easy! After a day, she emailed me my “results” to let me know that I’m all set and ready to take the challenge. Here we go!!!

I received my 3-day Program which included my hour-to-hour schedule for my Juice intake. I just adore Cristal for never losing hope in me! Haha she was encouraging and it kept my spirits high!

Day 1

My day will start at 8:00 AM with water. It felt normal and okay because it has been my daily routine. After an hour, I had to take a Juice for my body to start cleansing. Here’s a sample of my program for the next three days…


As you can see, all I had to take were 6 bottles Juice and water. Water is very vital during these moments!!!

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The first day was the hardest. Thank goodness I did it on a weekend so I had no work to think of. But even so, I still felt dizzy with my empty stomach. I never wanted food so much!!! But I had to up my game and think of the results! It was almost the last juice that I felt really sleepy, I just wanted to sleep my hunger away. But I still have one left, so I drank it and just dozed off.

Day 2

I wasn’t sure if I’m going to continue with it. All I wanted was to eat! I messaged Cristal to let her know how I was feeling, good thing she’s always on the go! She told me that everything I felt was pretty normal, it was my body responding to it. Of course I listened to her. So I kept going…

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I had to take 6 bottles again that day. On my second day, I had a plan. I had to drink 1 bottle in an hour, right? But I didn’t have to drink it at once, so I had to divide it in cups to make 3 drinks. Ha! It made it so much better and easier.

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I survived my second day and I felt so accomplished. My body, little did I know, was working its way to make me feel great. I fell asleep more peacefully than the first. Peaceful in a way that I wasn’t hungry at all.

Amazing, right?

Day 3

This day was probably the make it or break it day for me. It was the last day!!! It went by too fast! But drinking the last 6 bottles was like finishing a race. YOU HAVE TO MAKE IT TO THE FINISH LINE.

This was where the magic worked. I was completely okay with what I was having. I didn’t feel hungry for hours!!! But when I did, after 3 bottles I think, I just had water. I never expected it to be that way, to be that fast. It was like my body is telling me that it’s being fixed! Not only that, I felt like my skin glowed! Haha

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The last bottle was a rejuvenating moment for me and I was so proud of myself! I couldn’t believe that I actually went through that. It feels genuinely great.

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I am very thankful to Kold Press Juice Kompany for making sure that I get the best of the best, especially to Cristal who believed that I could do it!

I highly recommend Kold Press Juice Kompany to everyone! You can check their BeSpoke Program and start cleansing!

You can email ( or call (+971 56 303 0336) them and make sure to give their website a visit!

And you can also find here the price range on each plan/program you’d like to have. 🙂

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After my 3-day detox I also asked myself, “How am I taking care of my body?” “Am I actually taking care of it?”

I think, the answer should always be “YES.” It is very important that in everything we do and take in to our system, we pause for a second and ask if our body will benefit from it. It always boils down to our choice of lifestyle.

Just a reminder and like the saying goes, “You are what you eat.”








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