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#GiveFromTheHeart with Rituals


Who is your hero?

If someone asked me that question 10 years ago, I would’ve answered “J.K. Rowling” because I was reading Harry Potter that time or as lame as “Lindsay Lohan” because, uhm, high school.

If someone asks me today and every day of my life who my hero is, without a doubt, my answer would be my mother.

But here are the things that I learned when I moved to Dubai:

  • When you live abroad, you can’t call your mom when dinner isn’t ready.
  • You can’t call your mom when your laundry basket is full.
  • You can’t call your mom when your rent is due.

And here is my ultimate realization:

  • You can’t call your mom but if you have your sister with you, life, in general, is so much better.

That’s why when RITUALS COSMETICS GCC gave me the chance to surprise someone who I consider as my “hero” this Christmas, I knew it was time to give an ode of love to my sistermy hero.

I’m not the kind of person who will show you grandiose gestures; I don’t upload my personal life on social media but it doesn’t mean I care less; maybe I’m just too protective of the things I treasure the most but I do hope that through this, I can tell her how much I appreciate her presence and how I acknowledge everything she does for me.

I am delighted to hand her this box of happiness from RITUALS. I know she will love it!

RITUALS are known for elevating a simple beauty regime into something special by providing the finest products both in home and body cosmetics. Their product line has a whole lot to offer: body creams, make up, facial masks, candles, scented sticks, organic tea an just recently, wardrobe!

My store visit at Mall of the Emirates


For this festive season, they made sure to curate a special box available in a limited time only. (Meaning, winter.)

Each box contains different products and they vary from small to large and with scents to choose from – perfectly put together to find your preference.

For my sister, I chose the GREEN box – also known as he “Sakura Box” – because it has a soothing vibe and light scent and because I want her to feel relaxed when she gets home from a long day at work.

She says she personally loves the hand scrubs. I love the hand cream, though. It smells good and it rejuvenates my skin. The “Sakura Box”, as the name implies, originates from Japan’s ideal mood. I suggest that before buying, know what kind of “vibe” would you prefer. Ask their staff, they are really kind and helpful. 😉


This isn’t an extravagant gift compared to iPhone 7 but I am a firm believer of the old saying that goes, “It’s the thought that counts”. Seeing her reaction upon receiving the gift is a testament that small acts of kindness can go a long way. No matter how small or big your gift is, if it’s out of love and sincerity, it’s priceless!

I am thankful to RITUALS COSMETICS GCC for making my sister smile and for sealing our relationship with love. <3

Hurry!!! You still have time to get a special gift for your personal hero!

You can VISIT them on any of their branches:

  • Burjuman Mall
  • Mall of the Emirates

And please follow hem on Instagram:



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