Do You Read Like Rory Gilmore?

May 2, 2018

Some of us are like Rory Gilmore. It’s the ability to read fast; to open a book, read a few hours, concentrate really hard, close the book aaand done! Unto the next book. It’s reading 350 words per minute (wpm) whilst the average person can read 100-300 wpm only. Though, this is not competition of sorts, it’s also nice to test your reading speed once in a while.

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However, in the #bookstagram community, there are some who are considered fast readers if they can read a “regular book” (350 pages and up) for at least 50 hours. There are also cases where some readers host read-a-thons and the goal is to read 1 book in 1 day. Woah, talk about fast and furious?! And others can read 10 books and more in a month. I used to be that girl. LOL. But personally, I still consider myself an average-fast-reader. If I love the book too much, I will not put it down until I’m done and that will take me less than a day! My record was reading a 380-pages book in 6 hours. I can’t do the math and I am no Gilmore but I still call it an achievement. Ha!

Though in all honesty, I’m not really proud of that. Yes, reading faster than the usual has its perks. You get to read more books than the others but that’s not always as good as it seems. We are pressured to read more and review more books online, that we don’t notice the drawbacks. In the end you will realize that you should have taken things a bit slower… Hence, here are some things that you go through when you’re a fast reader…

YOU NEED MORE BOOKS! Because let’s face it, if you’re much of a bookworm and you finished all the books you currently have, you can’t just sit there and read nothing which will lead you to be
BROKE AF. Yeah, admit it, we buy books more than we buy new clothes. Because you finished the last 3 books you bought last week, and you don’t want anything from your TBR list, you are most likely to buy new ones again! Ugh. It’s a cycle, trust me.
Missing The Little Details. This scenario sometimes happens when you read a “big book”. Sometimes you just want to read past the boring parts (yeah, that happens) but it’s not helpful. Not at all. The fallback: you have to go back to that page where you missed THE little detail that turned out to be a big thing in the end!
Ahead Of Everyone Else. And no, it’s not a great feeling. Because you want someone to talk to about that book and you don’t have someone else because they are still reading it and they don’t want spoilers so you just shut up! That’s a proof that being the first doesn’t always feel good.
Living Too Many Lives That You Cannot Enjoy It A Little Bit Longer. This is the saddest of all. As a reader, you may know very well that reading a book meant living many lives. The problem when you read fast is that we tend to jump from one character to the other that we miss that lingering feeling of living inside a wonderful world the author created. Sure, we’re having fun while we’re reading it BUT sometimes the aftermath of that character’s life is blissful. You want to cherish it for as long as it takes. I don’t know about you but fantasy books are the best magical worlds to live in.

With these things considered, you might wanna check your speed limit again. If you are going too fast and you love it, that’s totally okay and I’m happy for you. But if you think that you just read tons of books so you could post it on Instagram without actually experiencing the journey, I think you’ve got it all wrong. I’ve been there but I learned to slow things down and just enjoy every page without pressure.

Bookstagram is a wonderful place where people who love books share stories and experiences and journeys – before, during and after reading. It’s never a competition of who read the most. So don’t worry if you just read 2 books this month, what matters is you gave yourself time to meet new characters that you can now call “friends” and that you were able to visit another world without ever having to buy a plane ticket.

How about you? Are you a fast reader? How many books can you read in a week?

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