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Book Review // Harry Potter and the Cursed Child *with spoilers*



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Hi, muggles! It’s been exactly a week since I read this book. I can still remember the night before that – the anticipation of Potterheads around the world, waiting and eager to get their copies. I was lucky enough that our local bookstore, Magrudy’s, decided to be a part of that phenomenon. There was a Harry Potter themed party, games, butterbeer and snitch-hunting! It was a magical night, indeed.

After a sleepless night, I thought I was never going to read the book on the same day BUT the geek in me could never resist temptation specially because IT IS, AFTER ALL, HARRY POTTER. I, together with all the die-hard fans, waited for years to know the answer to this question: WHAT HAPPENS NEXT?

Alas! Our Queen Jo gave an answer: HARRY POTTER AND THE CURSED CHILD.

But not entirely. JK ROWLING DID NOT WRITE THE SCRIPT. She had the idea but she did not pen the words. Let’s make that clear here. Jack Thorne wrote it and John Tiffany directed the play.


The story began where the Deathly Hallows ended. 19 years later… Harry is already Ginny’s husband and an employee of Ministry of Magic and now he is sending off his second born-child, Albus Severus, to Hogwarts. Here, it all felt familiar when the script mentioned Harry, Ginny, Ron, Hermione at Platform 9 ¾. It was like traveling back in time, but I had to remember that this isn’t like the books I read. So I kept on reading…

It really was about these two boys: Albus and Scorpius. Their journey and friendship. But of course, it wasn’t really JUST about that.

Albus’ struggle to move past his father’s shadows made him angry and do things just to prove that he is more than Harry Potter’s son. How? By altering time.

I won’t be telling tales right now ‘cause I know for a fact that you read the story through and through… Instead, I’ll tell you about my thoughts…

Hmmm so what to expect? A LOT.

About how it was written… As a fan of the series and this world, I know nothing could ever surpass the original books. But JK Rowling made it clear that this IS NOT A BOOK but a manuscript for a play. And yet again, we have to remember that she did not write the words in this script. That being said, I would never expect a very detailed story. That’s why I wonder why some “fans” are still mad about that. I hear reviews like “it wasn’t detailed, the phasing was too fast, it shifted too many times…” Well, it’s not supposed to be intricate, it’s supposed to be fast because they are doing it LIVE on a stage with real audience. STOP WHINING. You’ve been warned.

About the story…I liked that we saw both worlds. The old and the new – Albus and Scoropius and their present struggles and triumphs and the characters we grew up loving. It’s perfect that they used the Time Turner as a tool to let us revisit the past and the old gang we grew up with. This was a very nostalgic gesture as we see Professor Dumbledore and Professor Snape (see Page 191). I just wished we had the chance to know what happened to the other characters as well.

About the Time Turner… Here’s my explanation… We all know that the Time Turner didn’t actually allow Hermione to go back in time (like years) but only for 5 minutes. Here, we saw Albus going back as far as Cedric Diggory’s death. That’s because Scorpius said THEY MESSED UP. It was Physics, as they called it. So it allowed them to go back as far as they could. It wasn’t actually a “loophole” as many said it was because it was explained in the script.

About the characters…  Okay let’s talk about the Malfoys. I loved Scorpius more than Albus. There, I said it. He was more charming and smart and really relatable. He also has a bad experience but he never let it affect his positive outlook. Plus, he’s really witty! And then Draco, I liked the fact that they redeemed his character. (I’m DraMione shipper, okay.) We all know that Draco was a scared little boy that’s why he resorted into bullying Harry to win his father’s approval. (well he did a lot worse but you get it) In this story, he still got his angst but he’s softer now; more vulnerable because of his son. I liked the idea that he changed himself for his son.

Old Harry, Ron, Hermione… I loved that Ron and Hermione never changed. They still have funny banters that made their scenes still lovable. Harry, well, he became an old man with a name to live up. I cannot blame his grouchy mood sometimes but his relationship with Albus was more personal and emotional than I expected it to be. We saw Harry as a vulnerable yet loving father.

Delphi, on the other hand… The idea that she’s the daughter of Voldemort and Bellatrix is just strange! (no pun intended) But really? Why? I guess that’s my major issue. WHY THE HECK!? It would’ve been better if they never incorporated that idea at all. Her character alone was enough to be the villain but that “plot twist” was just not necessary. However, JK Rowling approved it. So… Who am I to judge?

I’m just glad that the original cast saved the day! And Scorpius!!! Yes, Scorpius!

The Resolution… Okay okay. That was easy and fast and really easy. But then again, it’s supposed to be that way, right? I mean, please, imagine it as a play and not a Warner Brothers movie. You can’t put everything on the stage!

So why bother making it? Well, I’m glad they gave a damn. I really do.

Overall… I enjoyed it. If you disliked it, it’s okay. But for me, I didn’t care much about the small details but I’m thankful that it ended this way. It was like the actual end; the finality to Harry Potter’s story. Now, at least, there are no what ifs to consider anymore.  We know what happened. It may not be the way we expected it to be but somehow I’m relieved that they gave us the 8th book. They gave the final word.

This is my most "retweeted" tweet! Hahaha thanks to Pottemore!

This is my most “retweeted” tweet!, and one of my most “liked” photos on Instagram.  LOL thanks to Pottemore!


Thank you, J. K. Rowling, Jack Thorne, and John Tiffany.

The last page says ‘The End’ but we all know that the magic never ends.





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