A Sweet and Splendid Evening at Cioccolat Italiani Dubai

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Sarah Kay, a spoken word poet, once said “…there’s no heartbreak that chocolate can’t fix.”

I couldn’t agree more! I was having a rough day but I think God was listening intently to me ‘cause He led me to Cioccolat Italiani located at BoxPark Dubai.  Things got better as I smell that tingling aroma of cocoa combined with caffeine. Ahhh the perfect combo!

As you may all know, Dubai has a long list of cafes around and I am in search for the best cuppa! To begin this post, I can already say that Cioccolat Italiani is a top contender. Cioccolat Italiani is originally from Italy, best known for their delicious gelato and thick, tasty hot chocolate. It came to Dubai last 2015 and it instantly captured the hearts of chocolate lovers and foodies alike.

And now, I understand why…

As we arrived, I instantly noticed the cozy ambiance of the place as we were warmly welcomed by the staff and were given a table upon giving us the 3-set Menu: 1 for our sumptuous dinner, 1 for the flavors of gelato and 1 for coffee & desserts. And mind you, they have A LOT to offer!

Fact: Their main ingredients are all exported from Italy! That’s the reason why sometimes they run out of stock! But really, we’re having a piece of Italy here, people!

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So we started our evening with a velvety and tasty bowl of potato soup with bacon. We immediately followed it with the main course: Bolognese Pasta and Filleto De Manzo 

I specially loved the Bolognese Pasta! (Of course!) It wasn’t too sour nor too sweet; a balanced flavor perfectly crafted to suit my palate. The steak was tender and juicy, just the way I like it. The side dishes potato, carrots, basil and mushroom – everything was how it should be, a tasty addition to the plate.

To be honest, I thought the servings were too small BUT I had no idea know what did the trick because we were satisfied with it. It looked small but it actually fed the three of us!

It was a lovely meal but it didn’t stop there. I think the most awaited part of this review is The DESSERT! (we waited for this part, too!!!) And oh boy, it was worth the wait!

My heart skipped a beat upon seeing the cups of coffee, plates of cakes and a bucket of gelato! *goodness overload*

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Thanks to Joe, the coolest person there, ’cause he never mentioned that we are about to have a taste of heaven! Not that we’re complaining, anyway.


And of course, I wouldn’t miss the chance of having a cup of the most famous Cappuccino Nerofuso – basically a cappuccino with overflowing flavors of white chocolate, milk chocolate and dark chocolate. It’s not only picture perfect, it tastes even better!

I’m officially announcing that I found it! The best cuppa in town! *as of June 22, 2016!*

Oh if you think we’re done, think again! There’s more! We also tried the best-sellers! I’ll let the photos do the talking because by now I’m still thinking of how sinfully good these sweet desserts were.

Thousand Leaves of Sicily

Caramel meets Pistachio! A fusion of flavors in one bite!

Happiness Bowl

What you see is what you get! Literally a bowl of gelato with Nutella, almond and caramel brittle. YES!!!

Crepes Al Cioccolato Fuso

Crepes served with the chocolate of your choice (this is white chocolate) and fruits! I personally love this!

(Dhs 30.00)

We also had the Tortino Caldo Al Cioccolato

A warm chocolate fondant served with gelato on the side! They ate it too fast!!!

Are you not convinced yet? Well, I guess all you need now is a trip to BoxPark Dubai and see for yourself! As for me, I’m totally blown away and I can see myself coming back for more! 😉

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Special thanks to Sir Joe and John for assisting us the whole evening! THANK YOU! 

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Al Wasl Road, BoxPark Dubai



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