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Best 9 Moments in 2016


Here we are, on the first few days of 2017. Some of you may be thoroughly happy that 2016, as the media wants to put it, the most horrible year in modern history has officially ended. I cannot blame them, because without a shadow of a doubt, A LOT HAPPENED. I will not bother to recall the horror of that year – politically and economically.

However, I always want to see the brighter side. Personally, 2016 has been one of the best years of my life. It has brought me to a broader perspective; given me a lot of opportunities; blessed me with more than I could imagine.

So without much ado, I will try to fit in my best 9 moments of 2016. (Yep, I got that idea from Instagram’s Best Nine Photos! Ha!)

  1. My 2nd Wedding Anniversary

This comes as a “news” to everyone I meet. Yes, people, I am married! I just don’t want the idea of flaunting my private life on social media. I want my personal life to be as private as possible despite being online all the time. I am not a Kardashian, for Pete’s sake! So anyhoo, yes, the husband and I celebrated our 2nd year of marriage in a simple and special way. I call that a milestone!

  1. Le Familia comes to Dubai!

Last April, my mother and my favorite nephew *okay, I only have one*, came to Dubai for a month-long vacation! How I missed them!!! This is part of my “best moments” simply because I’m a family-oriented person and please don’t blame my genes. Haha

  1. Collaborations…and all that pretty things…

Okay, so as you may all know by now, my Instagram has shifted from a hard-core #bookstagram to a semi-lifestyle vibe. And I am totally happy with it. I like how once in a while I post things other than books, because that is real life. I have been blessed enough to have the opportunities to attend to food reviews around Dubai and also a few hotel stays. It’s ironic, I know but no one says “no” to opportunities like these. Besides, I do my best to keep up with their demands. Lol. In connection to trying out new things, I also had my fair-share of collaborations this year. It started with a watch, until I was asked to collaborate with some brands of apparels and shoes. I am doing this because I want to. As simple as that. Please, never mistake me as a “fashion blogger” because inasmuch as I want to be like them, I am not made for it. I post occasional #ootds and whatnots but that’s my limit. Hahaha.

  1. Hello, Singapore! My first-ever International Collaboration!!!

This is beyond! Seriously, when this news came to me, I was ecstatic! Or even that word was underrated to what I was feeling. Who would’ve thought that a lame Instagrammer from out of nowhere will have the chance of lifetime?! All thanks to and Your Singapore Arabia for choosing Lavina (an amazing blogger) and me as their representatives. It was such an exhilarating trip! Truly unforgettable. You may check my posts here and here.


What do you do when you meet someone you look up to?! You freeze. You stammer. You blackout. Thank heavens, there was a second take! I adore this man, I follow his shows and even his social media platforms. So when Bread Street Kitchen Dubai announced that the owner, Chef Gordon, is coming for its anniversary, I couldn’t contain my excitement! Unfortunately, reservations were full at that time. BUT alas! The odds were in my favor. They held a giveaway and I won!!!

  1. Who was featured on Khaleej Times? Me!!!

This, I take pride on. It was totally unexpected but totally worth it! I never imagined myself to be on a Dubai newspaper, let alone to be on the cover. When City Times’ writer, Maan Jalal, emailed me, I was nervous but said “yes” anyway. The paper came out and boy, I made my momma proud!!! That, alone, is enough.

  1. Discovering my favorite BOOKS!

Because I will always be a bookworm first, anything else comes second. So this year, I discovered really amazing books that instantly became my favorites! What is more special than that?!! I’ve read The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon, The Secret History by Donna Tart and a lot more! You may check half of my list here.

  1. Meeting New Friends…in real life!

Instagram has opened my line of communication to meet new friends and I am forever grateful that through this, I also had the chance to meet these “online peeps” in real life. Special mention to the amazing Dubai Instagrammers that became my real-life friends. I guess friendships are more than hitting the like button and commenting emojis. Thanks, freaks!!!

  1. And the best way to end the year?! A COLDPLAY CONCERT!

An adventure of a lifetime with my favorite band ever. Another dream came true. Enough said. ~sigh~

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Blessings…Blessings…Blessings!!! I firmly believe that I am not lucky, I am blessed. That’s how I summed up my year. I do hope that 2017 will be brighter and more magical to me and to you! 🙂

Cheers to good life!









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