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An Escape to Armenia

From its matchbox cars to historic infrastructures; from people laughing in the streets to flowers blooming all around; from coffee shops filled with books to unfiltered murals – Armenia has the kind of vibe where people who want a quiet moment escape to.

It took me several drafts to finally make this post because I couldn’t quite know what to say. I was about to write some “tips” on how to make the best out of your Armenian trip but it didn’t feel right. I can link up some blogs to spare you the details on that…

Instead, I’m here to tell you how Armenia made me feel – as a tourist and as a person.

The Republic of Armenia is a small country in the mountainous Caucasus region between Asia and Europe. It was the first nation to adopt Christianity and the Armenian capital, Yerevan, is one of the world’s oldest inhabited cities, constructed as it was 29 years before Rome.

The main languages here are Russian and Armenian so it’s best to learn the basic greetings and it is helpful to always bring a map with you so you know what places to go. Their currency is called “Armenian Dram”, in which 482 AMD = 1 USD so it’s fair to say that it is a budget-friendly place! Specially because everything here isn’t really expensive.

I must admit, though, that I wasn’t expecting anything grand. However, what welcomed me was far better than what I anticipated and hopefully I can sum up my experience in three points:

Behold! The natural Armenian beauty… From Mt. Ararat from afar to the majestic Lake Sevan; the historic Gharni Temple and old Gerhard Monestary... Armenia has it all!

One can never get enough! I’m at awe on how they have managed to preserve these UNESCO heritage landmarks.

Republic Square, Yerevan also known as the "pink city"

Republic Square, Yerevan also known as the “pink city”


Geghard Monestary

Geghard Monestary


Garni Temple

Garni Temple


Mother Armenia at Victory Park

Mother Armenia at Victory Park

These places reconnect you to nature.

Lake Sevan - my favorite

Lake Sevan – my favorite

Some places were far to reach but the trip was worth it.


Ahhh Armenians love food! There are restaurants and cafes everywhere. Considering that I love eating, I might as well spend my trip hunting for the best food destinations in town!

The BEST shawarma in town!

The BEST shawarma in town!

Cafes! Oh my business here is not complete without trying the Armenian coffee. They love their coffee!!!

ART is everywhere. The historic structures and murals are something to look out for. The colorful balconies and independent artists are all around you that you just want to live in the moment.

BOOK SHOP! Because I always look for bookshops whenever I travel. Obviously.

The quietness of my surroundings felt like I have all the time in the world to indulge a cup of coffee and just forget the world.


Upon arrival, I instantly felt the simple vibe of the country. The capital city, Yerevan, was bustling with working professionals and children alike. They see tourists like me and they smile. The taxi drivers can’t speak fluently in English but they try their best to communicate with us through maps or songs or even sign language.

But if there is something I noticed and will take with me, it was how most people ignore their mobile phones! In a world where social media plays a vital role in everyone’s lives, it is fascinating to see that there is a place where human interaction is valued more.

People talk to each other, they laugh with one another, they hold hands, they kiss and hug! Children play under the sun; grannies water their potted plants; they eat together without mobile phones on the table; teenagers don’t take selfies, they create memories.

Don’t get me wrong, the internet is where I spend most of my time and I like the benefits of it but if we just dig deeper, we will realize the internet is fleeting but human connection is eternal.

Meet Vahag, our tour guide who happens to be a professional photographer. He knows all the best spots in Armenia! Look for him!

Meet Vahag, our tour guide who happens to be a professional photographer. He knows all the best spots in Armenia! Look for him!

The people here who don’t care about likes and followers are probably among the happiest people on earth. I loved seeing this and being a part of it even just for a second.

I can still go on but I will leave you wondering why haven’t you booked your Armenian trip yet! I can never compare to any places as of the moment but I can tell you that you should definitely add this wonderful country on your bucket list.

Armenia has its own charm that you will find yourself not only having some “Instagrammable” pictures but it will leave you with a lingering feeling and a question on your mind:

 How connected, really connected, am I with the world?

I got my answer and hopefully you’ll get yours.


Authors’s Note:

Armenia isn’t an expensive place to visit, you can spend $200.00 USD with food, tour and accommodation. Here are some blogs to visit when you are planning your trip:

A huge thanks and much love to BLOGGERANG and MUSAFIR.COM for my wonderful trip. This wouldn’t be possible without you. <3

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