#aburaprojectcoffee: Something’s Brewing in the Neighborhood

It’s not surprising that I have a love affair with coffee. It’s probably caffeine and not blood in my veins right now; that’s how strong my love for coffee is.

I have been posting a lot of my coffee sessions on my Instagram account and I figured, why not make it a part of my blog as well. So my highly caffeinated brain thought of this idea: #aburaprojectcoffee. It’s the same deal, actually – me, going around town, looking for the best of the best cup after cup.

Most of the time I get invited to these fancy and chic cafes to review their menu (which includes coffee) and I’ve been totally honest with all the reviews so far. I enjoy doing it, I really do. I feel blessed and lucky to be able to do that. But there are “hidden gems” as well; beautiful little cafes that I have yet to explore. So here’s the difference…

I will go and search for these local cafes in Dubai as a customer and not an invited reviewer. That way, I will only focus my attention to my cup! That’s right. I’ll simply order a coffee or two, nothing else. (unless Egg’s Benedict is available then yes I’ll order that, too. Haha) And at the same time, I will tell you guys my honest opinion and blurb all about it on social media. I plan on posting it every other week during Thursdays.  So you know, you could visit it on weekends.

Also as an expat with no car, I will be commuting all throughout my visits – using the metro and the bus. Ahhh that sounds like an adventure, isn’t it? Ideally, I want to do it all by myself; my “me-time” if you like to call it that way though if I need a company sometimes, I’ll just grab whoever is available.  I’m cool lyk dat. LOL

Let’s begin my journey as a Coffee Connoisseur … *I’m really not, I just like the sound of it okay*

Of course, there are tons of cafes in Dubai *who am I kidding?!* but I want to start somewhere near…  So I started my project this weekend in my neighborhood.  I’ve been riding the same bus everyday but little did I know, just a few blocks away from me, there are little coffee shops that have been there for so long!!! So I discovered…

MOKHA 1450

Location: Al Wasl Road, Al Safa, Dubai

Timing: 8:AM to 11:00 PM

This place is so small that you might not be able to see it if you’re not really looking for it. But that’s the best advantage: It’s quiet and peaceful; no one will ever disturb you so you will most likely enjoy your cuppa with its traditional and cozy interior.

Mokha 1450 offers specialty coffee. The real deal. They have the friendliest baristas and they will ask you what type of coffee are you looking for – strong, mild, sweet, bitter? If you have your desired taste, they will choose the coffee bean, weigh it and roast it in front of you. As the curious woman that I am, I kept on asking the barista, Jerome, the basics. The origin of the coffee beans they use, their roaster, how much milk, what milk, etc.

And after just a few minutes, my freshly made coffee is served.

The first time I came here, I was just really looking for a place to hide since it was so hot! Then I discovered my first cup: Mokha Latte.

25.00 AED

25.00 AED

I liked that it was sweet enough and there was no need for sugar anymore.  That’s a plus! Because I think sugar destroys the taste? It was rich and creamy!

When I came back last Sunday, kuya barista already knew me! Hahaha and he suggested my second cup which was a Kenyan Bean Latte.

22.00 AED

22.00 AED

Ahh now this… I always use sugar for my lattes because I find it too bitter for my own taste. But remember, he asked me if I want it sweet or bitter? I said I want a balanced taste. Not too bitter nor too sweet. I wasn’t surprise that what he gave me had the perfect balance of sweetness and bitterness. I loved it! The best part, there was no tangy aftertaste of the coffee bean.

I thought that was all. But well, my 3rd cup was Ethiopian Bean Latte.

22.00 AED

22.00 AED

Just like my first latte, I never put any sugar at all! I find that fascinating because I’m so used to it, but I guess as long as I drink my coffee here, there will be no need for that. 😉 This is slightly more bitter and denser than the Kenyan bean. The aroma stayed longer and so was the taste.

I liked the Kenyan bean better, though. It’s lighter and more balanced – the way I like my coffee.

Overall, the price is leaning towards pricey but once you take a sip, you know it’s worth it! I’ll be complaining that there were no sweets/desserts to eat(aside from dates) BUT I guess that’s the charm: they serve coffee. Good ol’ coffee.

I’ll be a “regular” here for sure. Not just because I live nearby heh but also because I will look for this taste every now and then!

Mokha 1450 has set the bar high!

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Rating: 5/5


The Coffee Club Dubai

Location: Al Wasl Road, Dubai

Timing: 7:30 AM to 11:00 PM

Just opposite Mokha 1450 after the signal, I found The Coffee Club Dubai. It has this minimalist and modern vibe that catches your attention instantly. Any millennial would love it here. 😉

They serve the “All Day Breakfast” menu which has a lot of options from toasts, bread, cakes, eggs and burgers. I went at around 4PM and since I was hungry, I ordered Eggs Benedict. (I told you, I’ll order only coffee unless there’s Eggs Benny)

The waiter asked if I wanted a well done or medium-cooked egg. I said “medium cooked”. Then I got myself a classic latte. My order arrived within 10-15 minutes and because I was starving, I had my Eggs Benny first. Hmmm as I cut through the eggs, I knew it wasn’t “medium cooked”, it was actually well done. Very. But I didn’t mind because I was hungry.

38.00 AED

38.00 AED

Then I had my latte…

17.00 AED

17.00 AED

The latte saved my meal. It’s a bit bitter, but it’s alright there was sugar anyway. And I needed something bitter that day. I enjoyed it more since my Eggs Benny wasn’t what I expected.

But what I really regret was that I wasn’t able to talk to the staff and ask them about the “coffee stuff” because it’s jam-packed. Everyone is busy and there was a club meeting on the other side. Good thing, I saw people who are reading books and other customers were really friendly. So if you are the type of person who wants to socialize more, then have your coffee here!

Processed with VSCO with s3 preset

It seems like a fun and happy place to be. I guess, I’ll have to visit again for me to get to know my coffee beans!

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Rating: 3.5/5

That’s all for now! Please expect my next project to be posted on 25th of August. Hope you enjoyed my post and tell me your thoughts and suggestions. ‘Til my next cuppa! 😉









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    Clara Cheng
    August 13, 2016 at 5:17 pm

    They are all so yummylicious! It sparks my memory of cafe hopping too not long ago <3


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