Who’s that girl?


Hello, old sport!

Abeer is a 20-something highly caffeinated geek who spends most of her time buried under the pages of books. She reads way too much and dreams way too big. She grew up wanting to study at Hogwarts. (She’s still waiting for her letter.) Whilst waiting, though, she blogs.

This may be her new space but she started pouring out her ~feels~ since 2009 through other micro-blogging sites. She hopes to clear her mind through writing. She is a lover of words and if she got lucky, maybe write a 394-pages book.

As the curious woman that she is, she also explores the world of food and life-style blogging. She always finds herself in the corner of a cafe with a cup of latte or in the middle of a busy cosmopolitan looking for a new dish to eat. Hence, this blog is a mixture of all the things she is passionate about; she believes that a person must not be contained to being and/or doing one thing only.

But in days where the cool crisp air touches her skin – her favorite season of the year – she yearns for an adventure where she sees herself travelling the world wearing boots and knitted clothes. In the meantime, though, her travels will be in the stories she reads and the cafes she visits.

Aside from this website, she shares her daily musings and other muggle shenanigans on Instagram. But most probably, she’s currently listening to The Beatles or Coldplay, binge-watching a TV series or daydreaming about Jon Snow.

She is a Filipina who now lives in Dubai.

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