A Taste of Japan in Dubai : Sakura Restaurant


There is something irresistible when I am offered a Japanese food. It’s always a ‘YES’. Let’s put the blame on my long overdue dream to visit Japan. In Dubai, though, sushi counters are everywhere. You can easily find a spot to satisfy your cravings.

Due to my insatiable hunger for authentic Japanese Cuisine, I immediately said ‘yes’ to SAKURA RESTAURANT at Crowne Plaza Hotel Dubai along Sheikh Zayed Rd.

Located on the 4th floor of the classic Crowne Plaza Hotel, we found Sakura Restaurant in a dim-lit corner as the rustic Japanese interior welcomed us. Truly, one can have a quiet moment with his/her sushi. 😉

Upon arrival, we were settled at the dining area with an array of unlimited appetizers to begin with. They do have sashimi, sushi, maki tempura and even grilled prawns and chicken.  Our eyes went wild as we “slowly” had our starters.

The fresh salmon sashimi is a must! The California maki with a cream cheese was a delight. And oh, did I mention that the tempura’s prawn simply melts in your mouth?!

But here’s a tip: EAT SLOWLY. Savor each flavor… This is only the beginning…

I warned you, it was just the beginning. Because now we head over to the other part of the restaurant where you can see iron stoves in the open. Here’s what you can get for your main course : TEPPANYAKI – a Japanese dish of meat, fish, or both, fried with vegetables cooked on a hot steel plate in front of the guests forming the center of the table. Guests can opt for any of those choices or simply have the “mixed teppanyaki” (because you can have it all). THIS was the highlight of the night!!!


Of course, you can always have it YOUR way. You can say YES to all or simply go to what you like. I personally loved the beef and chicken with its own home-made sauce. What was more entertaining was the chef talking to the guests while cooking. There was a crack of laughter that filled the room, I guess that’s called social interaction. LOL. So if you want to experience this, you can tell them OR you can choose to stay on the other side – sitting properly without seeing this unique Japanese way of cooking. 😉

As if these weren’t enough, we still made sure to leave a room for desserts! They have a table filled with matcha/green tea cakes and cupcakes, lemon zest-flavored puddings, green tea ice cream and more! Since I love matcha, I opted for that and it wasn’t a disappointment.

But the Japanese dining wouldn’t be complete without tasting a shot or two of saké –  Japanese rice wine.

I had to try it!!! It was okay, I guess, LOL sorry, I am not a drinker!

I had to try it!!! It was okay, I guess, LOL sorry, I am not a drinker!

the traditional Japanes dining area

the traditional Japanes dining area

What did I enjoy the most, you ask? Trying out the Kimonos!!!

We had a lot of fun taking photos with this traditional clothing, it made we want to travel to Japan asap! But I guess I no longer need it soon because I can always find a taste of it in SAKURA Restaurant.

I highly recommend SAKURA Restaurant for people who are looking for authentic Japanese dining. I would also prefer to bring a large group here specially for teppanyaki because I am sure everyone will enjoy. The unlimited buffet starts with 215.00 AED per personwhich I say, is real deal for the amount of satisfaction you will get. Also take note that dinner starts at 6:00 PM.


Domo Arigato, Sakura! 🙂









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